This was my Senior Degree Project and the winner of the “Heart Is In The Work” award from MICA’s Graphic Design department. I came up with my own original concept and project parameters and then spend the last semester of my studies working to achieve my project goals. I also got to experience designing an exhibition space, since this project was in the MICA Senior Thesis Exhibition.

I decided to explore the idea of teleportation because it had so many different conceptual elements to play with: future design, transportation design and experience design. I had never really designed for any of these things before, which is also why I chose to do so for my last student project. I wanted to work outside of my comfort zone and push myself as a designer.

My goals for this project were to create an entire concept and cohesive branding for teleportation, to use a gender neutral color palette, and to create an icon set that was primarily in motion but also worked as static icons in print scenarios.

However, my ultimate goal was of course to teleport.