a default facial expression that makes someone appear angry. [from the notion that women should always be smiling]

RIPRBF invites you to choose your own emotions with these trendy emoji-based crop tops. No more will you feel less than because of the way your face rests. Display your disjointed emotions with these reversible shirts. Now everyone can see your two faces . . . or they can just be even more confused about your emotions. Either way, just embrace that face.

This was a semester-long project that consisted of creating a product and then branding it. I created a line of five crop tops that were made of digitally printed fabric. One side of the shirt features an emoji-like icon to represent a resting bitch face, and on the other side, a happy face. I wanted these shirts to be reversible to allow the wearer to show off whichever mood they’re feeling on the front. Shirt style names include “What’s Wrong?” and “You Should Smile More.”

Aside from the shirts, this project also consisted of a logo, poster, mood and product photography, a lookbook, a brand guide, a 3D printed piece, tags, website, and social media presence.